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ATT Inc. is an American multinational agglomerate holding company headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company, the largest provider of mobile telephone services, and the largest provider of fixed telephone services in the United States under name AT&T Communications. Since June 14, 2018, AT&T is also the parent company of mass media conglomerate Warner Media, making it the world’s largest media and Entertainment Company in terms of revenue. Here we will also talk about the AT&T support and its benefits for users.

 What we do?

Our company comprises four distinct business units:

  1. AT&T Communications
  2. Warner Media
  3. AT&T Latin America
  4. Xandr

ATT Communications provides mobile, broadband, video and other communications services like email etc. for U.S. based consumers and likely 3 million companies globally ranging from the smallest business to nearly all the Fortune 1000 with highly secure, smart solutions.

AT&T Email Services:

It is world’s renowned American brand that serves people from various countries through its various products and services. AT&T already has a strong reputation in the telecommunication field and is the number one telecommunication company in the world. AT&T is also a big brand in email business as many people prefer AT&T email for their day-to-day email related works.

Its basically bought SBCGlobal email service and merged it with its own business, but didn’t change the name because of the high popularity of SBCGlobal email platform. SBCGlobal comes from the brand named SBC (Southwestern Bell Company), which was a popular company for its dependable email service. But, the service was restricted to restricted regions and didn’t have much exposure. So, AT&T decided to took over and turn it into a bigger brand, which apparently it did. With the merging, SBCGlobal became a more popular email service and has also added a plenty of new features. Now, the email is known by the name of SBCGlobal AT&T email service & some also call it SBCGlobal mail.

ATT Support

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AT&T Support Number:

If you’re not an AT&T customer and looking to get AT&T services, call our customer service to speak with an AT&T expert who can give you information about the services & plans. AT&T provides customer service by phone & Chat. As most AT&T customers want to talk to a real live human being as soon as possible and check it off their to-do list. And so they prefer calling AT&T at their +1-844-297-0727 phone number instead. Call AT&T today to set up a service, or get the customer support you need.

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