AT&T Password reset

ATT Password Reset

AT&T, one of the greatest telecommunications providers give out a number of facilities which can help you get unlimited entertainment on your favorite devices. In order to keep your connections safe and secure, a password login is required at all times you access your account. However, in this process, there may be times when you forget your password. But there is no need for you to worry because ATT password reset can be done easily. Keep on reading to find out how

ATT password reset steps

ATT password reset can be required for either MY AT&T or DIRECTV NOW

For MY AT&T, follow the steps given below

  • Visit the sign-in page by entering the link or Googling it directly.
  • Press the ‘forgot password’ option in order to reset your password.
  • This will lead you to choose from either setting a ‘temporary password’ for filling up some security questions.
  • If you had set up some security questions and answers before, then simply filling out the answers to the given questions can lead you to reset your password.
  • However, if that is not the case, then choosing the ‘temporary password’ option can lead you to a new page where you can easily create your new password.

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For Direct Now

Att password reset for direct tv

  • Selection of the option of ‘forgot password’
  • Follow the prompts leading you to set a temporary password
  • Enter the determined temporary password.
  • Follow the prompts and reach another page to create a new password.
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