SBCglobal Email Not Working On Mac

SBCglobal Email Not Working On Mac

What to do when SBCGlobal is not working on Mac

SBCGlobal is an important email service provider for the users in performing multiple actions. Generally it works smoothly and quickly except in few cases like SBCGlobal email not working on Mac. Users don’t need to worry about security related issues while using SBCGlobal services. A large amount of data can be stored here and even files with large attachments can be sent. One may use all the elegant qualities of it without any difficulties. But there could be some difficulty while using their account that can’t be handled by the users at their own. To get help in such situations, users are required to connect with SBCGlobal Customer Service.

User may obtain the solution for all such issues. Here, individual can get the solution for all the issues which have been suggested from SBCglobal email not working team:

 SBCglobal email is not working on Mac

  • To solve this issue, users need to set up SBCglobal email again.
  • For that select the option for “Settings”
  • Now tap “Mail, contacts and calendars” and should choose “Accounts”
  • You will get list of account types, users may select the option for “Add Account”
  • Click on “other” a new account form will open, it is also required to select “Add mail account” option
  • There enter your email address of SBCglobal in the email field along with the password
  • Type the description for the account if required, tap “Next”.
  • Now choose the option “POP” on the top of screen.
  • Under the host name, users should enter
  • Individual may now give SBCglobal email address in the username option along with the corresponding password
  • However, users need to go for outgoing mail server form by selecting the “Next” option
  • For the outgoing mail server, users need to enter the username and password and should give the domain name as
  • It is now need to select the option for “Save”
  • SBCglobal email account is now ready to use on Mac

In case you have issues related to Password reset read: password reset

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